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Interpersonal Communication Communication, And Chapter 9...

The workplace experience that I am going to share with the class gives the perfect example of lacking interpersonal communication in the work environment. This particular experience identifies how interpersonal communication is an essential skill that everyone working in a professional atmosphere should possess. The significance and relevance of my experience seems to be the most suitable and effective in relation to the theoretical concepts learned from chapter 8: Interpersonal Communication, and chapter 9: Perception and Attribution. When I first began as an engineer with my company, I worked under a manager who was the perfect example of one who lacked interpersonal communication skills. In my shared experience, I will call the manager â€Å"Bob†. In Bob’s case, I am not sure if the term â€Å"lacking† can even describe my ex-manager situation. After being around him, and seeing the way that he acts within the workplace; I came to a conclusion that he was mentally disable, or simply rude. Reading the text, â€Å"The Wrong Professional Attitude† gives me more insight on how Bob seems to be one of those â€Å"smart† people whose communicating style is a result of years of conditioning (Osland, 2007, p. 189). This can also be related to a person who thinks they are just smarter than everyone, and you are not able to get anything across to them, even if they are wrong. Talking to some of the other employees within the workplace, they said they noticed the same actions from Bob. Many ofShow MoreRelatedInterpersonal Relationship Essay1554 Words   |  7 PagesPlease write as much as you want, and submit to the assignment page. 1. Think of some recent interpersonal communication exchanges you’ve had. Which communication model best captures the nature of each exchange? Analyze each exchange, identifying the components of communication discussed in this section of the chapter. Was feedback an important component? Were you and your partner experiencing the communication simultaneously? What was the context? What were sources of internal and external noise? DidRead MoreReflection Of Tuesdays With Morrie1695 Words   |  7 Pageshas become ill, Mitch has returned to better understand his generation. And the problems that he faces each day. Each Tuesday they discuss different topics that have their own life lessons attached to them. These attachments can be related to the chapters of the textbook. They talk about relationships with others and how to manage certain situations in the best ways. Through this paper, I will be making connections between Tuesdays with Morrie and the REVEL textbook. The First Tuesday: We Talk AboutRead MoreClp1006 Notes1375 Words   |  6 PagesCHAPTER 8 – Managing Yourself for Accomplishment Vocabulary Words 1. Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule): The Pareto principle is a principle that teaches that 80% of the benefit comes from doing the 20% of the work. Figure out the most important and beneficial 20% and make that your priority to tackle first. Completing the important 20% often expedites or simplifies completion of the remaining 80% of the work. 2. Premack Principle: The principle states that if two behaviors differ in theirRead MoreInterpersonal Communication2315 Words   |  10 PagesInterpersonal Communication CHAPTER 1: A First Look at Interpersonal Communication Speech communications: †¢ Rhetoric: public speaking, preaching, law, philosophy †¢ Oral History: Story-telling, anthology (culture communication), performance test †¢ Interpersonal: group family, organizational communication, perception, intimacy cognition, nonverbal, gender, conflict, relational development. Communication Axioms (11 principles): 1. We communicate with others. 2. You cannot not communicateRead Moreintercultural communication2808 Words   |  12 Pagesï » ¿MGMT 329 TEST #1 REVIEW QUESTIONS CHAPTER 1 1. From an economic imperative perspective, why is it important to be able to communicate interculturally? Economic growth and stability of the U.S. are inextricably linked to world business partners The workplace in the U.S. reflects an increasing cultural diversity Economic imperative for intercultural competence is powerful, pervasive, and likely will increase U.S. workplace reflects the increasing cultural diversity that comprises theRead MoreEvaluation Of The Norris Article And The Textbook Chapters2403 Words   |  10 Pages Action Assignment 1: Post your analysis of the Norris article and the textbook chapters to the Moodle discussion forum LEADERSHIP (Cultivating Leadership Skills). 1. After reading the journal article by Norris, succinctly explain value and impact of the article. The article by Norris is a very valuable piece of literature. It brings today’s leaders up to speed on the importance of people skills, the impact it has on their work and organizational cultures as well as how the leaders can be ableRead MoreIntercultural Comm Final Study Guide3228 Words   |  13 PagesChapter 4 – Communicating Across Cultures Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which of the following does not constitute a normal interpersonal communication task for managers? a. coordinate activities b. disseminate information c. motivate employees d. give speeches at conferences (moderate, page 126) 2. According to communication researchers Samovar, Porter, and Jain, ______________. a. cultural factors pervade the communication process (difficult, page 126) b. noise is alwaysRead MoreUnderstanding the People Who Work at and Patronize Build-a-Bear Workshop8790 Words   |  36 Pages3 PERSONALITY, PERCEPTION, and ATTRIBUTION Chapter Scan This chapter begins a two-chapter segment examining individual differences. Much of this chapter is related to interactional psychology and the advances made regarding personality and behavior in specific situations. Personality characteristics discussed include locus of control, self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-monitoring, and positive/negative affect. Personality theories explained include trait theory and the integrative approach. TheRead MoreConflict Management and Emotional Intelligence63003 Words   |  253 Pagesemotional   intelligence,   and   to   improve   the   quality   of   customer   service   provisions   in   the   customer  service  industry.            The  theoretical  basis  of  this  study  includes  reference  to  the  following:      ï‚ ·    Attribution  Theory  (Heider,  1958)      ï‚ ·    Factors  of  interpersonal  attraction  and  distraction  (Deutsch,  1994)         ï‚ ·    Temperament  Theory     (McKenna  Ã‚  David,  1997)      ï‚ ·    Contingency  Theory  (Burnett,  1998)      ï‚ ·    The  influence  of  environmental  factors  (Daniels  Ã‚  Walker,  2001)      Read MoreMultiple Choice Questions for Leadership Management14468 Words   |  58 PagesTest Bank Description of the Test Bank This test bank consists of 300 multiple-choice items grouped by chapter and topic. Most of the items were selected from the test bank used with the prior edition of the book, but some are new and some are revisions of earlier items. The test items measure specific knowledge about the concepts, theories, research findings, and action guidelines in this edition of the book. Most items deal with major concepts and issues rather than with trivial or obscure

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Westward Expansion During The 1800 S - 1577 Words

Westward expansion during the 1800’s became the focus of American idealism. Initially, the desire and then the ability to reach the Pacific were paramount. Hawaii is a group of islands in the Central Pacific. Today, tourists from all around the world are attracted to the islands for its tropical weather, its beaches, and for relaxing vacations. In the late 1800’s, the United States was very interested in Hawaii, but for drastically different reasons. It was not attracted to Hawaii because of its potential tourist attractions, but it was interested in the strategic location of Hawaii, using the islands as a foothold to cross the Pacific. The US was afraid that European Countries would seize Hawaii, making America more vulnerable. The United States annexed Hawaii due to a belief in Romantic Nationalism, and to secure its strategic location in the Pacific making it less vulnerable to European countries so that their desire for more land would be fulfilled. The desire for the Hawaiian Islands stemmed from an eagerness to keep foreign countries out of the Northern Pacific. There was always the possibility that Hawaii would be annexed or taken control of by a European country, making the United States more vulnerable. If an opposing country were at war with the US, the opposing country would have easy access to the west coast of the US through Hawaii. For most of the 1800s, political figures were worried that Hawaii would be annexed or be colonized by a European country.Show MoreRelatedThe Expansion of America and The Homestead Act of 18621180 Words   |  5 Pagesthe 1840’s America was becoming a world power to be reckoned with. In order for the country to keep up with the increasing amount of people and become more powerful, the US expanded westward. After the War of 1812 a lot of Americas attention went into exploration and settlement of all of the territory to the West, which had been expanded by the Louisiana Purchase. Fam ilies of pioneers traveled westward and found new communities through what is now called the Midwest. Westward expansion occurredRead MoreWomens Suffrage in the 1800’s-19th Century Essay1190 Words   |  5 Pages Women, like black slaves, were treated unequally from the male before the nineteenth century. The role of the women played the part of their description, physically and emotionally weak, which during this time period all women did was took care of their household and husband, and followed their orders. Women were classified as the â€Å"weaker sex† or below the standards of men in the early part of the century. Soon after the decades unfolded, women gradually surfaced to breathe the airRead MoreEssay On Manifest Destiny1551 Words   |  7 PagesManifest Destiny was a widely spread belief that settlers in the United States should expand across North America. It was the belief that fueled the westward expansion. The westward expansion led to man y other events in and around the United States. Before Manifest Destiny and the westward expansion the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War took place which allowed America to declare independence. Manifest Destiny was a big influence on the evolution of transport and technology. Before weRead MoreManifest Destiny1555 Words   |  7 PagesEvolution Of Transportation Manifest Destiny was a widely spread belief that settlers in the United States should expand across North America. It was the belief that fueled the westward expansion. The westward expansion led to many other events in and around the United States. Before Manifest Destiny and the westward expansion the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War took place which allowed America to declare independence. Manifest Destiny was a big influence on the evolution of transport andRead MoreHistory And The United States1463 Words   |  6 PagesPeriod which spanned from when the first Pilgrims came to America in the mid 1600’s till the 1760’s. Other periods include the Revolution period which picked up from the colonial period till the early 1780’s. The period of Westward Expansion lasted from the 1800 to the 1830’s, then there was the Civil War Period which spanned from the 1840’s till the 1860’s. Finally, the Interpretative Period which lasted from 1930’s and continues to today. Looking back at these time periods we can see what was consideredRead MoreEssay Westward Expansion639 Words   |  3 PagesWestward  Expansion   During  the  1800’s,  American  citizens  packed  up  and  headed  West  to  the  new  unknown   land  of  the  United  States  of  America.  Western  expansion  was  a  great  part  of  the  growth  of  the   United  States  because  it  gave  Americans  new  land  to  settle,  expanded  its  economy,  and  made  the   United  States  a  world  power.  The  desire  to  expand  was  described  by  newspaper  editor  John   O’Sullivan  who  wrote,  it  is  America’s  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Manifest  Destiny  to  overspread  and  to  possess  the  whole   of  the  continent†.   First  of  allRead MoreManifest Destiny Essay735 Words   |  3 PagesManifest Destiny affect on Modern United States During the mid 1800’s America was at a peak of nationalism, which involved their religious beliefs. Manifest destiny describes the attitude of a white man in America during the 19th century, involving their desire for evangelization, white supremacy, and westward expansion. To a majority of the Americans, manifest destiny was a proud accomplishment they would be faced with. Manifest destiny had a negative impact on the Native Americans, however, itRead MoreNative Americans And The War On Natives1159 Words   |  5 Pagesimagine people you have never seen before come, kill your family, spread disease, and take the land for themselves. That is what happened to the Native Americans in the 1700’s and 1800’s. One of the most disrespectful and saddest times in American History was in the 1850’s with Westward Expansion and the war on Natives. During that time, there were many new cities being built in the East and the United States inevitably got too crowded in the East. Americans traveled west for more land and opportunityRead MoreEssay about Territorial Expansion1635 Words   |  7 PagesTerritorial Expansion Almost all people have, at one stage or another in their history felt and expressed the need to extend their territory and also to explain and justify their need both to the world and to themselves. ( John A. Hawgood, Manifest Destiny, p126) When North America was first being colonised in the early 17th century, the settlers made their home along the coasts of the ocean and the shores of the nearby rivers. Nevertheless, as the population kept growing, adventurersRead MoreManifest Destiny And American Territorial Expansion Essay1323 Words   |  6 PagesManifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny and American Territorial Expansion, written by Amy S. Greenburg, deeply explains the motivation of the individuals looking to expand their settlements westward. Since the time of publication, we have realized that we could have handled the situation, in which we removed the inhabitants of the west from their homeland, in a better way. Americans believed that it was their God-given right to expand westward by destroying anything in their path. â€Å"†¦courageous pioneers

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Feeling of Right and Wrong in Susan Collins Book The...

In Susan Collins the Hunger Games there is a very compelling feeling of right and wrong, as children compete in the hunger games for their lives. At one point in the past there was a rebellion that caused a rebellion to occur and as a lesson to the districts. Two children from every district must battle against each other and only one can survive. These children are forced to kill each other in gruesome ways in front of millions of people for entertainment. Morality is defined as beliefs about what right behavior is and what wrong behavior is. The degree to which something is right and good: the moral goodness or badness of something (Merriam-Webster, 2014). The book Hunger Games makes it clear that the character President Snow made the hunger games as a form of punishment for the uprising that once happened. There is a man by the name of Dr.Ewing who† considers both the retributive theory and the deterrent theory on the subject whilst remaining commendably unprejudiced. The views which emphasize the reformation of the offender and the education of the community as objects of punishment. It also deals with a theory of reward as a compliment to a theory of punishment. Dr. Ewing’s treatment of the topics is philosophical yet he takes in to account the practical considerations that should determine the nature and the amount of the punishment to be inflicted in different types of cases† (Ewing, 2014). The realm of the trilogy anticipates a conceivable future of distress, rage,Show MoreRelatedThe Hunger Games Is An Unjust Social Hierarchy1770 Words   |  8 Pagesboldest form of dissent they can manage. Silence. Which says we do not agree. We do not condone. All of this is wrong† (Collins, 2). In this moment, not only citizens, but neighbors, friends, family, neighborhood, look up at Katniss knowingly in pure frustration and empty hearts that their humanity is slowly slipping away before them and there is nothing no one can do about it. Susan Collins creates a government that generates fear to the citizens who live in a pain, fear filled dystopia. A dystopiaRead MoreAnalysis Of The Hunger Games 2484 Words   |  10 PagesKaitlyn Hall Crystal Bryan English 103-5038 24 May 2016 Dehumanizing Nations In the fictional novel The Hunger Games, selected teenagers are forced to fight for their lives in an arena when an entire nation watches on. Leaders from the Capitol who are in power use this tactic to dehumanized the people from the other districts. The concept of dehumanization has applied to various religions, races, and nationalities throughout history. From slavery to the Holocaust to genocides around the world, dehumanizationRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesServices Printer/Binder: Edwards Brothers Cover Printer: Coral Graphics Text Font: 10/12 Weidemann-Book Credits and acknowledgments borrowed from other sources and reproduced, with permission, in this textbook appear on appropriate page within text. Copyright  © 2011, 2007, 2005, 2002, 1998 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. This publication is protected by CopyrightRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesCredits and acknowledgments borrowed from other sources and reproduced, with permission, in this textbook appear on the appropriate page within text. Copyright  © 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005 by Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. This publication is protected by Copyright, and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any formRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 PagesContributor Susan L. Verhulst Des Moines Area Community College Ankeny, IA John Wiley Sons, Inc. Associate Publisher Executive Editor Senior Editoral Assistant Marketing Manager Marketing Assistant Production Manager Senior Production Editor Freelance Development Editor Senior Designer Interior Design Senior Media Editor Senior Photo Editor Production Management Cover Design Cover Credit George Hoffman Lise Johnson Sarah Vernon Amy Scholz Laura Finley Dorothy Sinclair Sandra Dumas Susan McLaughlinRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pages Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written consent of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., including, but not limited to, in any network or other electronic storage or transmission, or broadcast for distance learning. Some ancillaries, including electronic and print components, may not be available to customers outside the United States. This book is printed

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Corporate Finance Example For Students

Corporate Finance When investors prefer low dividend payout and what is the relation between dividend payout and cash flow (what will increase and what will decrease when using low dividend payment?) Dividend payout ratio refers to the amount of earnings of a particular company that seeks to issue out to its investors in the form of cash dividends. Dividends payouts may vary depending on the industry and a low dividend payout may signify a good thing or a bad thing. Investors who may opt for a low dividend payout may mean that they are willing to allow the company plough back its annual earnings for the purpose of capital growth of the company they have invested in as well as capital gains incur lower tax rates. It may show that the investors are willing to forgo part of their dividends to generate greater returns which lead to higher stock market prices (Sedzro 2010). On the bad side, it may mean that the company does not have enough capital to pay dividends to its investors. The relationship between dividend payout and cash flow is that a company that pays higher dividends may seem to be having a greater cash flow to meet its daily operational needs but a company paying low div idend payout may seem to be having a low cash flow hence, the company needs to retain the dividends for operational needs. This therefore, translates to an increase in cash flow and a decrease in dividend payout when using low dividend payout (Sedzro 2010). What is the relationship between tax and dividend payout (using low dividend payout) what will increase and what will decrease? And does tax benefit shareholder and create value to the firm? One of the disadvantages of quoted companies is that they are subject to double taxation where the annual earnings are taxed as well as the dividends paid out to its investors depending on how much revenue was generated and the amount of dividends paid out. This translates to the higher the tax rate the lower the dividend payout as likewise, the lower the tax rate, the higher the dividends payout (Sedzro 2010). When using the low dividend payout, the tax rate will be low as the companys capital gains will be charged at a lower tax rate, this will translate to dividend payout to the investors also being low as the other percentage of the capital is retained by the company for expansion and growth. When tax rate is high, the investor will receive low dividends payouts which are ultimately unfavorable to the shareholders. The company when taxed highly does not benefit the firm as the earnings taxed could have been ploughed back into the business and used for growth, however, ability to pay the required cash creates goodwill and a positive image of the company to the investors who are more likely to invest more as well receive foreign investments (Sedzro 2010). When investors prefer high dividend payout and what is the relation between dividend payout and cash flow (what will increase and what will decrease when using high dividend payment?) When investors demand high dividend payout, it may signify either that the company is able to pay the high dividends to its investors but its stock prices present a poor state of affairs as they are very low or depressed or that the ability to pay the high dividend payout may mean that the company is very mature and has a number of growth opportunities to its disposal. A higher dividend payout leads to low cash flow while a low dividend payout leads to a high cash flow. When a high dividend payout is used, it may translate to a decrease in cash flow and an increase in dividend payout when a high dividend policy is used. This is as a result of lacking enough working capital at various intervals in its operations since most of its capital was used in paying out dividends (Sedzro 2010). Corporate Finance Test Notes3. Compute the IRR and payback period for each project. How should these metrics affect Harris ´s deliberations? How do they compare to NPV as tools for evaluating projects? When and how would you use each? IRR Analysis Table – IRR Sensitivity Analysis | Revenue Change | Match My Doll Clothing Line | Design Your Own Doll (baseline) 3% | 18.24% | 14.68% | 2% | 17.74% | 14.28% | 1% | 17.24% | 13.87% | 0% | 16.74% | 13.46% | -1% | 16.23% | 13.04% | -2% | 15.72% | 12.62% | -3% | 15.21% | 12.19% | -4% | 14.69% | 11.77% | -5% | 14.16% | 11.33% | -6% | 13.63% | 10.90% | The model reflects a change in revenue from +3% to -6%. IRR of NPV is not used because sensitivity is included in the discount rate. Payback Period Analysis Payback period for each of the scenarios: * Match My Doll Clothing Line Expansion (baseline) = 8.43 years * Design Your Own Doll (baseline) = 10.09 years 4. What additional information does Harris need to complete her analyses and compare the two projects? What specific questions should she ask each of the project sponsors? In order to complete her analyses, several questions need to be asked in order for the report to be as fruitful as possible. Thus the questions that could be asked in order for Harris to make good decisions in comparing the two projects, goes as follows. * What changes would be expected in capital expenditures during periods of change? * Are there any hidden labor costs not being considered in the Match My Doll Clothing Line Expansion, similar to the additional labor costs in Design Your Own Doll? * What level of risk does the project Design Your Own Doll pertains? * In hand with revenue-analysis, what are the incremental earnings? * In addition to the risk level of Design Your Own Doll, is the project stable enough not to harm customer relationships? * What is the forecast for the whole industry? What will be the future market share since this affects sales outstanding and in hand revenue? * Based on the data, what will the equity of the company and share price be, taking into account the two projects? Historical data for inventory turnover ratios; days sales outstanding and days payable outstanding would also be additional information that Harris could benefit from. 5. If Harris is forced to recommend one project over the other, which should be recommended? Why? To improve the present value for both projects the management of the company should think of how to improve the projects’ cash flows. Typically, companies aim to increase cash flow from their existing operations by collecting receivables as soon as possible and slowing down their payables without harming their relations with suppliers. The NPV is a forecast, and as with every forecast, the outcome is not given. Typically forecasts for shorter periods are more accurate. The forecast for New Heritage Company is based on a time period of 10 years. I would recommend reducing that time period to provide more accurate cash flow figures. As with all forecasts, the NVP is not free from risks. The management should be aware that risks such as increase in inflation, change in interest rates, and increased competition in the toys business, could have a negative impact on future benefits of selected project. Last, I would recommend for the management to monitor the costs to increase profits. However, the management should weigh the benefits of reducing costs to avoid an adverse effect of diminished profits. If additional cash inflows are achieved, the company should invest a portion of the profits to generate additional money and expand the business through creation of new products and projects.

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Biometric Systems Essay Research Paper Biometric SystemsAs free essay sample

Biometric Systems Essay, Research Paper Biometric Systems As defined in Computer Security Basics by O # 8217 ; Reilly A ; Associates, Inc. Biometricss is the usage of a individuals alone physiological, behavioural, and morphological features to supply positive personal designation. Biometric systems that are presently avaiable today examine fingerprints, handprints, and retina forms. Systems that are close to biometries but are non classified as such are behavioural systems such as voice, signature and key stroke systems. They test forms of behaviour non parts of the organic structure. It seems that in the universe of biometries that the more effectual the device, the less willing people will be to accept it. Retina pattern devices are the most dependable but most people hate the thought of a optical maser shot into their oculus. Yet something such as supervising keystroke spiels people don # 8217 ; t head, but it # 8217 ; s non about as effectual. Biometric confirmation is forecast to be a multibillion dollar market in this decennary. There is no uncertainty that fiscal recognition and debit cards are traveling to be the biggest portion of the biometric market. There are besides many important niche markets which are turning quickly. For illustration, biometric designation cards are being used at a university in Georgia to let pupils to acquire their repasts, and in a Maryland twenty-four hours attention centre to guarantee that the right individual picks up the right kid. In Los Angeles, they are utilizing fingerprints to halt public assistance fraud. A neodymium they’re besides being used by frequent concern travelers for rapid theodolite through in-migration and imposts in Holland, and now at JFK and Newark airdromes in the United States. It could besides be used to merely forestall one employee from # 8220 ; pluging in # 8221 ; for some one else, or to forestall person from opening up an history at a bank utilizing a false name. Then there is besides the security entree market, entree to computing machine databases, to premises and a assortment of other countries. The Sentry plan made by Fingerprint Technologies uses several devices at one time. The system first prompts for a user name and watchword. Then they must hold their fingerprint scan lucifer what is on record. They can besides utilize a picture camera for existent clip picture to capture exposure which can be incorporated into the information base. The clip to scan and derive entryway to the edifice return from 6 to 10 seconds depending on what other information the operator wishes the user to come in. The system besides keeps on record three of the persons finger forms incase one of the others is injured. Biometricss is still comparatively new to most people and will stay expensive to buy good equipment until it becomes more popular and the engineering gets better. And as people become more cognizant of how the systems work they will go more accepting of the more unafraid systems and non shy away from them every bit much. The hereafter of entree control security is literally in the custodies, eyes, voice, key stroke, and signature of everyone.

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The Session_Start() Function in PHP

The Session_Start() Function in PHP In PHP,  information designated for use across several web pages can be stored in a session. A session is similar to a cookie, but the information contained in the session is not stored on the visitors computer. A key to open the session- but not the information contained within- is stored on a visitors computer. When that visitor next logs in, the key opens the session.  Then when a session is opened on another page, it scans the computer for the key. If there is a match, it accesses that session, if not it starts a new session. With sessions, you can build customized applications and increase the usefulness of the site to its visitors.   Every page that will use the session information on the website must  be identified by the session_start() function. This initiates a session on each PHP page. The session_start function must be the first thing sent to the browser or it wont work properly. It must precede any HTML tags. Usually, the best place to  position it is right after the ?php tag. It must be on every page you intend to use. The variables contained in the session- such as username and favorite color- are set with $_SESSION, a global variable.  In this example, the session_start function is positioned after a non-printing comment but before any HTML. In the example, after viewing page 1.php, the next page, which is page 2.php, contains the session data and so on. The session variables end  when the user closes the browser. Modifying and Deleting a Session To modify a variable in a session, just overwrite it. To remove all the global variables and delete the session, use the session_unset() and session_destroy() functions. Global vs. Local Variable A global variable is visible throughout the program and it can be used by any function in the program. A local variable is declared inside a function and that is the only place it can be used.

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Ethnic Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Ethnic Studies - Essay Example When Belle’s uncle William Murray commissions a painting of her alongside Elizabeth, her cousin, Belle is worried that the painting will depict her as subordinate (Asante). The film shows her viewing portraits in the house that depicted white aristocrats with their subordinate black servants. Most blacks in the portraits appear to strike a subservient pose beside their masters. They were at the mercies of their masters and were to do as told. The most significant painting in the film was that of Belle beside her cousin Elizabeth. The double portrait is significant as it shifts the dimensions of the common standing witnessed in earlier portraits within the film. This painting showcases Belle and Elizabeth as equals yet Belle is black (Asante). The painting helps to bridge the racial injustice that seems to appear in previous paintings that depicted black and white persons within a frame. The painting depicts both Belle and Elizabeth as beautiful and smiling side by side and staring directly at the viewer. They are both dressed in silk gowns and pearls showing how they both appear as equals and break the boundary of racial prejudice in the